Whipflash "the flashing brake light"

whipflash is a completely new system to protect a vehicle suddenly decelerated, which is a daily occurrence for example, when a animal unexpectedly coming up on the roadway or any person rushes out in front of the vehicle.

Many equip their vehicles with extra headlamps and UV lamps and more. Nonetheless, it is much less risk to collide because of poor headlamps than the risk of being hit from behind which is much higher because the vehicle's Annual not stop signals if you make a sharp deceleration.

The human brain lacks the ability to immediately determine whether the vehicle in front emergencybraking or not. The time required for this decision may, at worst, be the causative factor to a severe traffic accident.
This knowledge has now led to a number of vehicles from the factory is
equipped with the same technology that whipflash offer.

In Sweden will be approximately 70,000 vehicles that is hit from the behind of each year and about half of these accidents resulting in reported whiplash injuries, which may result in a life of suffering

Head in collision
whipflash is a complement to today's vehicles intended to signal to the underlying vehicle if you make a sharp deceleration.
We can now, after long research and development in the vehicle offer a series of products to protect road users. whipflash is a series of quickly and easily installed products that do not require any major interventions in the vehicle electronics.

All whipflash products are stand-alone units that are not in any way need some advanced signals or donors but simply connected to the vehicle's power and brake management and fits both with and without CAN-bus.

We have whipflash that fits virtually all vehicles and vehicle types as brake technology in 95% of all vehicles in the foundation is built on the same technical solutions.

whipflash fits: Mopeds, motorcycles, ATV, Cars, buses, trucks, Motorhomes.


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