Model Name: WF I
Use: Cars, Motorhome, Caravan
Packaging: Pinpack, Bulk
Voltage: 12 Volt
Power: 230ma




whipflash is based on the most effective way to increase road safety by using a flashing brake light. Flashing brake is considered the best method of drawing attention to the present traffic on emergency braking and danger.

The technology to detect the movement of the vehicle based on a twin-axle sensors which are integrated in a circuit. Measurements then mathematically calculated to next activate appropriate signals to the present road.

Model-specific data

The WF I do not have any connections to the vehicle in addition to a fixed 12volts voltage has a function to signal if the accident has been identified.
This feature means that the collision start WF I in the blink of 12hz in a range with steadily. This is to draw attention on the accident. The light is visible from very far away.

WF I is based on a specially designed third brake light that is with advanced electronics to provide a very simple way to serve the type of vehicle at any time with flashing brake light. WF I shall be mounted in the rear window on the vehicle or trailer.

Detection by the twin-axle sensor is used to:
  • Collision detection: front, side
  • Hard and emergency brake with signaling by 4 and 8Hz
  • Automatic activation / inactivation of the internal warning light 12hz


WF I is the easiest type of whipflash to install. It requires only one
fixed ignition guided 12volts voltage such as the taillights or sign lighting. It must be stable mounted in rear window with the supplied double-sided tape. Then adjusted (Turn in the holder) so that the LEDs provide the best light quantity to the present road.


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