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whipflash is a series of Swedish traffic products designed to protect drivers and passengers by signaling through the rearlight to the vehicle behind the when it makes a emergency brake or collided to avoid further damage.

All whipflash are equipped with the latest modern technology to detect a vehicle's movements. The electronic sensing which is then mathematically calculated to determine if the flashing brake light is activated or if the
warning indicator is activated. These functions are, therefore, embedded in all whipflash models.

whipflash based on a twin-axle detection system to detect the following:

  • Collision detection: Front, Side, Rear
  • Hard and emergency brake
  • Sudden tilt detection (Trench Run)

What distinguishes the different models, the appearance and function.

  • whipflash WF I is a complete product in the form of a third brake light ready to install in the back window of a car, motor home or as many made back in the caravan.
    The only requirement for it to work is a fixed-12V voltage.
    Thereafter, it will signal as shown in the demo video
    which are under the Demo on the top menu bar or by the technical
    documentation contained in manuals on the upper menu bar.

  • whipflash WF II series is just a small relay which contains all of the above board electronics for detection of vehicle movements.
    Unlike from WF In that contains WF II power to operate both the
    brake warning indicator. WF II shall be installed in either a
    relay socket or with the supplied bracket.
    WF II is a product that meets all the requirements set for
    flashing brake light may be used.

  • whipflash WF II-2WS is a specially designed model for motorcycle riders who are considered highly at risk in traffic.
    WF II-2WS is equipped with an extra feature that makes
    that the brake light blinks rapidly for a few seconds when the brake handle held in. Subsequently released wink makers to light. The function
    can only be used every ten seconds in order to avoid abuse.

    Note that the flashing stop is permitted only during an emergency brake and may therefore not be used during normal braking.
    This model is used, therefore, entirely on your own responsibility.

The new cars being introduced the same technology that whipflash offer.
Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and others have been following the EU's approval of flashing brakelight chosen to equip more of its models.

Unlike car manufacturers give whipflash extra functionality by offer
automatic hazard warning devices at the accident. This feature significantly increases the chances of a severe damaged to survive if the driver is unable
to self-activate the warning indicator. This scenario is unfortunate occurred several times that much later found the driver dead in dense terrain.

All whipflash products is tested exclusively to ensure a flawless functionality and comes with two year warranty for manufacturing defects.
All whipflash are CE marked.

Below are two models designs.
WF I left and WF II to the right.



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